Saturday, 7 April 2012

Thoughts Week of April 2-6

This week I had up to two minutes of my piece done, which sounds like not a lot, but in fact took a considerable amount of work.

- A more player-friendly way to beam the accented patterns of eighth notes in my cello part would be in 3, 3, 2 (rather than 4 and 4). This would mean beaming across the bar line, but the end result might be easier to read.

-In order to further accent the accents (which so far are only in the cello part) would be to add a flourish or pick up into it (in all parts) to bring it out further. Accents could also be orchestrated by adding  more weight (instrument-wise) on accents).

-Where parts have accents falling on simultaneous beats, I could have parts syncopate their accents instead.

- Bringing back the 7/8 rhythm would be interesting, as I didn't use 7/8 for very long in the first part.

-At my tempo change, I could re-use material from the faster section in order to get more use out of previous ideas.

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